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High Resolution Access to Undercut and Sidewall

CD Measurements of Undercut & Overhang

XE-3DM’s Z-head tilting mechanism allows an unique access to the undercut and overhand structures of photoresist.

  • Unique decoupled XY and Z scanning system with tilted Z scanner
  • Z-scanner is tilted sideways from -19 to +19 degrees and -38 to +38 degrees
  • Use of normal high aspect ratio tips for high resolution imaging
  • XY scan of up to 100 μm x 100 μm
  • Up to 25 μm Z scan range by high force scanner
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Complete 3D Metrology of Sidewall

High-Resolution Sidewall Roughness


XE-3DM’s Z-head tilting mechanism allows access to the sidewalls using an ultra sharp tip to obtain high resolution and details of the sidewall roughness.

  • Sidewall roughness measurement
  • Accurate angle measurement of sidewalls
  • Critical dimension measurements of vertical sidewalls
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Non-destructive CD and Sidewall Measurements by True Non-Contact™ Mode

CD Measurements of Photoresist Trench

Unique True Non-Contact mode enables nondestructive in-line measurement of etch features as small as 45nm.

  • In-line measurement of the smallest features in the industry
  • Non-destructive measurement of soft photoresist
  • Less tip wear for prolonged high-quality and high-resolution imaging
  • Immunity from parameter-dependent results observed in tapping imaging
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Park XE-3DM features

Tilted Z-scan System

zstaThe unique design of the XE-3DM is made possible by deliberately and independently tilting the Z-scanner in its patented Crosstalk Eliminated (XE) AFM platform where XY and Z scanners are completely and independently decoupled. It allows users to access the vertical sidewalls as well as undercut structures at various angles. Unlike systems with flared tips, high resolution and high aspect ratio probes can be used.

Fully Automated Pattern Recognition

Utilizing a powerful combination of high resolution digital CCD camera and pattern recognition software, a fully automated pattern recognition and alignment is made possible for user applications.

Automatic Measurement Control

Automated software makes the XE-3DM operation effortless. Measurement recipes provide multi-site analysis with optimized settings for cantilever tuning, scan rate, gain, and set point parameters.zsta3

True Non-Contact Mode & Longer Tip Life
9 3 True-Non-Contact-Mode

Unique to its patented high force Z-scan system, True Non-Contact mode is now a reality in the XE-series AFM. In True Non-Contact mode, the attractive, rather than repulsive, inter-atomic force is utilized.

As a result, True Non-Contact mode successfully maintains the tip-sample distance at a few nanometers, hence improving the quality of AFM images and preserving the sharpness of the tip, hence amuch longer tip life.

Industry’s Lowest Noise Floor
2 Low-Noise-Floor

To detect the smallest sample features and image the flattest surfaces, Park Systems has engineered instruments which hold the industry’s lowest noise floor specification of < 0.5Å. Noise floor data is determined using a “zero scan”. With the cantilever in contact with the sample surface, the system noise is measured at a single point under the following conditions:   

• 0 nm x 0 nm scan, staying in one point   
• 0.5 gain, in contact mode 
• 256 x 256 pixels


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