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Automated Industrial AFM for Metrology of Read/Write Heads

Park Systems’ XE-PTR is a fully automatic industrial in-line AFM solution for, but not limited to, automatic Pole Tip Recession measurements on Rowbar-level, individual Slider-level, and HGA-level sliders. With sub-nano scale accuracy, repeatability, and throughput, the XE-PTR is the metrology tool of choice for Slider manufacturers to improve their overall production yield.




Process engineers need a tool that provides accurate and automatic Pole Tip Recession (PTR) measurements for HDD sliders. Unfortunately, PTR measurements typically require multiple AFM scans - a macroscale reference scan along with higher-resolution scans of smaller regions of interest. This multi-scan process takes time and limits throughput.


The XE-PTR provides Automatic Pole Tip Recession measurements for PMR sliders with nanoscale accuracy, repeatability, and high throughput, thus improving the overall yield.


 The XE-PTR is the perfect solution for slider manufacturers who, until now, had very limited choices for industrial grade in-line inspection tools for HDD slider metrology.