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    The most accurate and practical
    nano bio-research microscope

More powerful physiological biology study solutions

Park XE-Bio is a powerful 3-in-1 bio-research tool that uniquely combines Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) with AFM and inverted optical microscope (IOM) on the same platform. The modular design of Park XE-Bio allows easy exchange between SICM and AFM. Designed for non-invasive in-liquid imaging, the combined bio-mechanical property measuring capability of AFM, SICM, and inverted optical microscopy makes Park XE-Bio ideal for studying biological materials under physiological conditions.



Accurate Physiological Morphology Imaging for Biological Research Laboratories

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope (SICM)

  • Developed for in-liquid imaging
  • Biological Tissue Imaging in 3D structure

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

  • High resolution bio-imaging for single molecule with true non-contact mode

Live Cell Chamber

  • Optimal temperature, pH, humidity control to keep living bio-activity

Reliable and Repeatable Nano Bio-imaging for Better Experimental Verification

  • Non-invasive SICM to preserve na├»ve morphological information of soft bio-materials
  • Excellent imaging repeatability in automatically programmed and running software
  • Accurate height/depth Analysis from 3D structure measurements

Accurate Bio-Mechanical Property Measurement with Leading Park AFM Technology

  • Force-distance(FD) spectroscopy to examine and characterize mechanical property of various bio-materials
  • Accurate FD spectroscopy control with leading low noise Z detector
  • Force volume imaging

Full Integration with Inverted Optical Microscope for high productivity

  • Bright field and Phase contrast for easier sample finding
  • Full range of objective lenses availability up to 100X magnification
  • Integration with confocal and fluorescence microscopy
  • Advanced Image overlay functions

Park XE-BIO-Overview