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Park AFM Options

Easily customize our AFMs to fit your unique needs

Because all of our AFMs use a modular, easy to modify design, we offer a large selection of options that let you customize your AFM to meet your individual needs. Now you can do better work and waste less time with a Park AFM designed specifically for you.


XY scanners

Park XY scanners offer a wide range of features that make them extremely accurate and easy to use


  • 10µm x 10µm XY Scanner for XE7
  • 10µm x 10µm XY Scanner for NX10
  • 50µm x 50µm XY Scanner
  • 100µm x 100µm XY Scanner
  • 100µm x 100µm XY Scanner for XE-150
  • 100µm x 100µm XY Scanner for XE-Bio

Z scanner heads

Park Systems has developed a range of Z scanner heads that help to make Park AFMs the world’s most accurate.


  • Standard NX AFM Head
  • Long Travel NX AFM Head
  • Standard NX AFM Head
  • Long Travel NX AFM Head
  • XE Optical Head
  • Hysitron Triboscope Adaptor Head

Active Vibration Isolation Table



Acoustic Enclosures

AFMs measure properties at the nanometer scale, so every small factor can have a large effect on accuracy. That’s why Park has developed some of the best acoustic enclosures on the market, isolating the instrument from noise and helping to make Park AFMs the world’s most accurate.


  • Acoustic Enclosure 203
  • Active Temperature Control for Acoustic Enclosure 203
  • Acoustic Enclosure 101
  • Acoustic Enclosure 201
  • Acoustic Enclosure 301


Temperature Control

Explore unique phenomena of polymers and biological samples with our selection of temperature control options.

  • Temperature Control Stage 1
  • Temperature Control Stage 2
  • Temperature Control Stage 3

Environmental Control

Our selection of environmental control units allows you to precisely regulate oxygen content, humidity, CO2 concentration, pH, and temperature. This gives you to the power to insulate highly reactive materials, keep cells alive longer, and do more groundbreaking research.

  • EnviroChamber
  • Humidity Control System
  • Live Cell Chamber

Liquid Cells

Our selection of liquid cells provide an extensive array of options for biological researchers that need to measure samples immersed in an environment controlled liquid environment.


  • Universal Liquid Cell
  • Electrochemistry Cell
  • Open Liquid Cell



Probehands hold the cantilever connect them to the Z scanner. Our selection for the XE head lets you measure a wide range of features, so you can get the data you need to do your best work.

  • Standard Probehand
  • Clip Type Probehand
  • Liquid Probehand


To make sure you can conduct more varied and specific research and tests, Park offers an array of additional accessories to further customize your AFM.


  • Signal Access Module
  • External High Voltage Kit
  • Magnetic Field Generator
  • Chip Carriers
  • Non-magnetic Sample Holder


Park AFM Options