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  • smartscan-screen
    Park AFM Operating Software
    Easy & Powerful
    Simple Three-Step Process.
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  • NX10-AFM-main
    Park NX10 The quickest path to innovative research
  • NX20-AFM-main
    Park NX20 The premiere choice for failure analysis
    and large sample research
  • image-gallery
    Park NX-Wafer Automated Industrial AFM
    for In-line Wafer Inspection and Metrology
  • nx-hdm AFM
    Park NX-HDM Simply the best AFM for Media & Substrate Manufacturing
    • Higher Throughput, Automatic Defect Review
    • Accurate Sub-Angstrom Surface Roughness
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What is a Good AFM?

"How to Evaluate an AFM"

Park AFM Technology

The most innovative AFM technology

Park AFM Modes

The most extensive range of AFM modes
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